CW300 3-in-1 Stand Assist Walker


  • Great support during walking: hold the grip and slightly push forward; Push down brake easy to stop: by providing pressure downward to both hand grips.
  • Four horizontal grip bars, act as support under various situations.
  • Works as bedside handrails: place the walker against the bed (Insert front wheel under the bed).
  • Adjustable height.
  • Compact and detachable for easy storage. (As shown on the pictures to the right)
  • Optional accessory: Detachable messenger bag for extra carrying capacity while on the go.

  1. Bedside handrail to support getting in or out of bed

  2. Handrail to support standing up or sitting down

  3. Handrail to support climbing back up from the floor
Type Fall Prevention System
Brand Name Care Watch
Model Number CW-300
Place of Origin Taiwan
Material aluminum alloy
Color Blue
Product Weight 3.2 kg (±3%)
Size 54 cm x 69 cm (±3%)
Height adjustments 80cm - 90cm
Max Load 100 kg
Feature Adjustable height, four horizontal grip bars, detachable messenger bag, push down brake.