EVC-200 Emergency Evacuation Soft Stretcher

EVC-200 is a foldable transfer slide used in emergency evacuation situations. It is specially designed for the evacuation of disabled people in hospitals, nursing institutions or households. It could also be used as a soft stretcher to carry patients in cases needed.
  • Special materia : 100% nylon material, the bottom of a special wear-resistant material, to facilitate all types of ground drag.
  • Six handle design : left and right sides of the four handles, head and tail of a handle, to facilitate a variety of ways to shift.
  • Chest and legs fixed seat belts : to ensure that patients drag and drop safe.
  • Extra strength on the buttocks area so the patient is not eay to slip.
  • Optional Accessories : head fixed pillow : to protect of the head when dragging.

Type Patient Transfer System
Brand Name EZ-GO
Model Number EVC-200
Place of Origin Taiwan
Material Nylon
Color Yellow
Product Weight 1.6 kg (±3%)
Size 180 x 70 cm (±3%)
Max Load 150 kg
Feature EVC-200 is a foldable and easy-to-carry emergency soft stretcher.