EZ-950 Patient Reposition Belt

EZ-950 should be used with a bed with safety rail. The strong hook and loop design enables the belt fastened to the safety rail. 

EZ-950 patient handling belt helps caregivers to turn a patient to the side and hold the position. The belt provides caregivers a free-hand to clean up patient, replace reposition cushions or make up a bed.

1. Place EZ-950 under the patient.

2. Using EZ-950, secure the patient to the bed rail.

3. Perform desired care for the patient.

Type Patient Transfer System
Brand Name EZ-GO
Model Number EZ-950
Place of Origin Taiwan
Material Polyester
Color Green
Product Weight 0.4 kg (±3%)
Size 162 cm x 37 cm (±3%)
Max Load 150 kg
Feature Provides assistance to the caregiver while repositioning the patient.