EZ-150P Lateral Patient Transfer Slide - Half Size Board Type

The EZ-150 Lateral Patient Transfer Slide is a half-size rolling board designed to transfer patients between a bed and x-ray table, operating table, shower trolley, or ambu-lancr stretcher.

Without any manual lifting, a single caregiver is able to transfer a patient within one minute.

EZ-GO patient transfer slides help to reduce work-related injuries for caregivers and eliminate the risks of hurting the patients during transfers.

EZ-100 / EZ-150 / EZ-200 Manual:

Lean patient to one side and place EZ-GO under the patient.1. Roll the patient to one side and place EZ-GO under the patient.
Gently push the patient to stretcher2. Gently push and move the patient to the stretcher.

Lean the patient to one side and push EZ-GO away from the patient3. Once the patient is on the stretcher, roll the patient to one side and push away EZ-GO.
Type Patient Transfer System
Brand Name EZ-GO
Model Number EZ-150P
Place of Origin Taiwan
Material Nylon, ABS plastic, Board
Color Blue
Product Weight 1.2 kg (±3%)
Size 88 x 54 cm (±3%)
Feature Easy to Slide, Light-Weight and Foldable, Ultra-Low Friction...
OEM ODM available