Emergency Escape Air Slide
Emergency Escape Air Slide

Specially designed for the evacuation of disabled people from almost any situation in hospitals, nursing institutions or homes.

  • Special oval shape design
    • increasing secure feel from air cells while being transferred
  • Using patented inflatable Air Down cells
    • light, easy to store
    • ergonomic 3-section inflation design for head, hip and legs areas
    • reducing unconfortableness due to bumping caused by dragging on uneven surfaces
    • special head surrounding support design, reducing opportunity to get head injury during escape
  • Using extra wear-resisting fabric on the back of the slide, suitable for dragging on different types of surfaces
  • Equipping with forehead restraints, and 2 sets of safety belts increasing patient safety during escape
Emergency Escape Air Slide

EZ-GO Emergency Escape EZ-GO Emergency Evacuation

Model: EVC-100
Size: 228 x 105cm (±3%) (before inflation)
190 x 100cm (±3%) (after inflation)
Welght: 3.5Kg (±3%)
Max Load: 150Kg
Optional: Auto inflation pump